BEYONCE' SAID EXFOLIATE DAILY, SO THAT'S WHAT WE DO! This Italian green clay based cleanser reaches right into your pores and snatches all the bad things out! With some dried rose petals and sea salt thrown in, to really scrub off the day of dirt and dead skin. This is they key to supple, clear and glowing skin. Now featuring an AHA/BHA complex, your dead skin will be dissolved without inflammation or irritation caused by wax beads. 


This also comes in an acid free version that will be a great deep cleaning gel for your daily and nightly routines. 


Jalen's Jelly - Deep Cleansing Gel

  • This product is created in a lab that does use tree nuts! Cross contamination is likely, therefore if you have a tree nut allergy we do not recommend the use of any GOODESKIN products.