It is so difficult to find an effective cleanser for sensitive skin. Creme de Lavage is a cream based cleanser made from milk and manuka honey. Infused with fruit enzymes, this cleanser can dissolve dirt and oil leaving your skin fresh, clean and bright. Lavender, calendula, and chamomile make Crème de Lavage soothing and calming to reduce redness and inflammation. Manuka has extreme healing properties, said to be stronger than that of antibiotic and healing ointments. You can't go wrong with this cleanser! It will leave your skin extremely hydrated, plumped, and bright! Essential to your summer glow.

Comes in a 2oz size ONLY

Lavage avec Crème - Milk & Manuka Facial Cleanser

  • aloe vera gel, lemon extract, orange pulp, goats milk, manuka honey, coconut oil, sugar cane, beeswax, cranberry essence, chamomile distillate, lavender oil, grapeseed oil, glucomannan